Thursday, September 15, 2016

Oktoberfest 2016

Last Sunday we made our annual trip to Oktoberfest.

The leaves are starting to change color.......It was so pretty on the way up the hill.

After a wait for the tram, we finally arrived.

First order of business was food and beer!

And watched the band and yo-yo champ for a bit.

Walked around and people watched...

Met a snake who was there for the festivities.

Almost ready for a refill...

Then we had some more food...

The pretzels looked good, but not for $8

So we shared some beer cheese fries.

Then played some corn hole

I swear I have NEVER seen this game anywhere aside from children's carnivals before we moved is EVERYWHERE.

I think D wants to make one for the back yard now too.

After we had did another walk around D finished his beer and we headed back down the mountain.

(I was the DD for the drive home.....don't be concerned)

All in all another fun year at Oktoberfest!

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