Monday, September 26, 2016

Autumn Adventure

This past weekend we headed out camping again with our unschooling friends.

This time we headed out to Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville.

We also took a day trip out to see the Spiral Jetty and the Golden Spike.

It was a great weekend!

We decided to head out later in the day since the forecast showed rain until later.

We didn't mind being in the rain, but I wanted it dry while we were setting up camp at least.

Luckily the weather cooperated and it was dry while we set up!

This was our camp...behind us was a river where pelicans hung out.

After camp was set we headed on Down to the hot springs for some pizza and a soak until the others showed up.

It felt nice in the water but sooo cold getting out.

There was lots of construction going on at the springs, I am excited to see what will be new.

After a while it started to sprinkle and we wanted to get back in the tent before we had to walk it in a downpour.

Unfortunately we missed out friends that night at the springs.

We did however manage to stay dry and warm during the overnight downpour Mother Nature decided to give us.

While I hate shelling out money for higher end items it has proven well worth it.

Our tent stayed nice and dry and we were snug little bugs in our sleeping bags.

Such a difference between freezing at Rockport last month.

The next morning we were all meeting up at a little cafe to caravan out to the Spiral Jetty.

We had to leave early and make a pit stop in Brigham City to use the laundromat.

The plans of hanging out our suits and towels to dry was just not in the cards with the weather we had.

Cute little town just down the road from the springs....We will have to stop and check it out one day.

We met up at the Golden Spike for lunch.

It was tasty....

Then it was out to the jetty for some exploration.

Seriously a beautiful day to explore.

The caravan...Via
For a good 10 miles it was just a leveled unpaved road.

Our little car made it just fine though.....we just took it slow and kept our eyes open for potholes.

On the way we ran into a group of horses. They seemed wild but some had brands so who knows.

They were amazing to see.

We finally got to the jetty...very exciting!

I wasn't sure what to expect and to tell you the truth our first visit to the Great Sale Lake a few years back kinda put a bitter taste in our mouth.

But after checking this place out it was really amazing and has changed our view on the lake.

D taking shots...

It was a lot bigger then I had expected and beautiful.

I can imagine how amazing it would look with a higher water level.

To our amazement there were salt crystal formations all  over.

It was seriously like a treasure hunt all the way to the water for us.

Once you got out to a point it just became a solid piece of salt. So crazy and beautiful.

Now this makes a trip to Bonneville salt flats a must!

There was salt foam all on the was such a surreal sight.

The water was so glasslike and a beautiful shade of pink.

There were also a lot of dead animals on the beach. 

It was if the salt froze and preserved them on the spot.

Most of them were birds.

This little guy looked like a beaver (I forget what he was exactly though)

Looks like he just took a nap and was frozen.

We finally worked out way back to the car (we could have spent much longer) but the Golden Spike closed at 5 and we didn't want to miss that.

These are the crystals that I had scavenged....only 3 made it back home.

And of those 3 one has turned opaque and it crumbling to the touch.

The road back to the Golden Spike was so pretty...I love clouds!

We got there just in time to check out the train as they were getting ready to bring them back to the "roundhouse" for the night.

One was a coal fueled and the other was wood.

I loved the controls...this was the wood driven engine.

Engineer getting things ready to roll.

Controls of the "coal" driven engine.

Final checks...

Such a sight in motion.

After the train took off we headed back in to check out the museum.

The replica of the "golden spike"

Tools of the trade.

The idea of laying that much track by hand seems crazy...but it was done!

By the time we were finished at the Golden Spike we headed on back to camp.

The morning clouds had cleared and we were able to see the snow that was dropped the night before.

Once everyone was back and fed we all headed on over to the hot springs again.

Where we stayed until they kicked us out at 11.

Talk about good times, great conversations, prune feet and detoxed bodies.

Another great adventure with our friends with many more to come!

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