Sunday, September 18, 2016

Up Up and Away

Saturday we woke up super early (well for us anyhow) and headed on out to Park City for the Autumn Aloft event.

We had gone last year and we had to go again.

This year there were a lot more "themed" balloons.

They were really amazing to see.

It is so interesting to see the whole process, from set up to pack up.

It seems like so much work for such a short period of time, however it was super enjoyable to watch.

Even though it was an early morning everyone still was in good spirits, because of the beautiful balloons and hanging with friends.

Afterwards we headed into town to get some little donuts...

This place was too cute.

They make your donuts custom for each order. They are little but so good......and even still warm.

Then we needed some coffee so we checked out Atticus Coffee.

It reminded me of Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa.

Great coffee to keep us up for some Pokehunting while D hit up the Park City skate park before it gets filled in with snow for the season.

The leaves are starting to change already.....LOVE it!

This park was super cool with all its recycled items musical instruments (And it was a Pokestop)

While we were there, V won the gym and I placed a Pokemon.

By the time we left we had been dethroned, but we still earned coins!

It was just another great day for an adventure with the guys.

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