Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Last night we headed on down to Cornbelly's down at Thanksgiving Point.

We were pretty excited to go check it out since we had heard such great things about it and how much fun it was to go.

Needless to say we were not too impressed.

It might have been more fun if we were more into carnival type stuff and if V was about 6.

V did pull a tractor...

And we played Barnyard Billiards...

D getting the balls just right.

We checked out the pumpkin displays...

D trying his hand at the lasso...

We were actually looking forward to the corn maze.

Thanks to the media we were expecting dense corn above our heads that we literally got lost in.

Instead we got 3 ft high corn that was sparse and you could just cut through...Needless to say it did not live up to corn maze expectations.

We did have JCW for dinner so it wasn't a complete bust of a night.

Cornbelly's however only lasted an hour for us.

There were some cute things like the goats racing and the robotic chickens that reminded up of the Muppet Show.

But overall I wouldn't pay again to go there.

We will just stick to going to Hee Haw Farms from here on out to visit with the animals and pick pumpkins.

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