Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Desert Weekend

This past weekend we headed on to southern Utah for our last camping trip of the year with our unschooling friends.

We started out early on Friday.

Along the way we passed thought both Helper and Price.

Tiny little towns but lots of neat stuff to see.

It was too early so the museums weren't open yet...a lot of railroad history there.

"Largest coal miner"

These reliefs next to the theater were a tad creepy.

By the time we had got to Green River it was time to eat and fuel up the car before the last leg into the camp.

We decided to have lunch at the taco truck that occupied an old Shell station.

Lunch did not disappoint....Everything was fresh and tasty.

I could have ate a vat of that guacamole with the home made chips!

I love old signs (if you couldn't tell) This motel was so cute and well maintained.

I wish here were more of these around today.

After lunch it was onward to the desert.

Blurry car photos...

Our camp...

Across the "road" there was some more camp area and a riverbed.

We had these formations all along the back of our camp....just beautiful and SOOOOO smooth and cool.

This ledge above the camp was fun to climb and explore.

I think me and D say up here just looking at everything for a few hours.

D setting up for some night shots.

V enjoyed sitting on the ledge taking it all in as well.

I just loved the "portholes" everywhere

This one reminded me of a skull and the pirate rock from Peter Pan.

Little ledges and love seats.

The guys had a lot of fun exploring around.

I was just waiting for these to fall....or have a roadrunner and coyote running past.

The night was beautiful.

I cant wait for my new camera to capture it in all its glory.

First night campfire...

Where my shoe melted.....I wasn't even close.

The next day we headed on out to Goblin Valley state park.

Had to go in and get stickers and pressed pennies.

They had a cool topographical map of the area (we like those) and a neat little display about the mining of uranium in the area.

Old gear....V was inthralled with the old geiger counter.

Once we got to the actual valley we were mesmerized.

It was so crazy looking, and seriously looked like a huge area of mud drip castles.

It is so fragile.......these thin little layers just chipped away at the touch.

The "mushrooms" were cool, but what intrigued us were the walls of the valley.

We just kept saying that if they were black it would be very H.R. Giger-esq.


After a while we were done taking photos and exploring and wanted some real food (not what we packed to eat) especially after a night of not much sleep.

So we headed off to Hanksville for some much needed lunch...So much to see on the way...

Another beautiful sunset.

We just hung out at our site for our fire that night...it was a nice relaxing night.

I guess all the exploring wiped us out because we all slept like rocks that night.

Snug little bug.....but it was time to pack up and continue on with our adventure.

We headed out early and made our way home though the Capitol Reef National Park.

 I love the snarled trees.

We made lots of stops along in the park.

This was one of the first homesteads, 13 kids and the parents lived in here. Lets just say I am sure they were more then cozy.

So beautiful.

We were excited to see petroglyphs as well. We had only seen them in museums.

The rest of the park was just as pretty.

It was interesting to see all the different layers in the rocks, then to see it with the graphic.

Photos just really don't do it any justice......

Once out of the park the rest of the way home was just small towns and farmland.

But pretty all the same.

It felt good to get home and clean, however I do miss being out in nature.

This was our last trip of the year because of weather...but looking forward to what 2017 brings in the way of camping adventures. 

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