Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Yesterday was a pumpkin filled day with our unschooling friends.

We started off bright and early (early for us) at the Peterson Family Farm in Riverton.

It was a cute farm and kids got a little lesson on how pumpkins were farmed.

Unfortunately it was geared towards preschoolers...needless to say alot of the kids lost interest early on.

They had a really good variety of pumpkin to choose from.

Wheelbarrows were helpful.

They had some chickens to go hang out with...

And my fave...the goats!

I was kinda bummed that the pumpkins weren't on the vine still (I love Hee Haw for that) But there were still tons to choose from.

Another visit with the goats.

Then we headed home for the day.

When D got off work we headed on down to Provo for the Halloween cruise on the Provo River put on by CLAS Ropes Course.

We had never been so we went sure what to expect.

It was cute...I don't know if I would go again...but it was cute.

We are not really into the hokey stuff, but we just glazed over that and just enjoyed the ride on the river looking at the lit pumpkins and tons of lights.

There were over 100 carved pumpkins....their reflection on the water was my favorite part.

Cute little props along the walk to the boat.

There was a tree with ghosts and since it was breezy it looked great...

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