Saturday, November 19, 2016

Birthday Snow

This past Thursday was D's birthday and mother nature gave him snow as a present.

Needless to say he was super excited for the first snow of the season (we all were truth to be told)

I got up early to take picts but then headed back to bed.

We didn't get too much this storm, but it as enough to be exciting.

This house faces opposite of our last place so now our porch gets I know.

All covered...

By the time we got around for the day the sun had been out and started to melt away.

Glad I got my early photos when I did...

This was just a few hours later.

D got to have donuts...

And his gifts early in the day...

I had one of V's good friends (who is a great artist) draw D as a Pokemon trainer with his fave... Jigglypuff.

That and a Whatchamacallit....What more could an "old man" want?

After a run to pick up some sandwiches we headed up to Brighton to take some snow photos.

While we were there it started snowing and made everything really pretty.


I love Smokey.....have since I was a wee young thing (same with Woodsy the Owl)

Needless to say we didn't stay for too long.

We should have wore our snow pants and boots (we weren't thinking) so we were froze.

A pict of me that D took....yea Im just a bit chilled.

After we headed on home to hang out for a bit since we had a long night ahead of us.

Pokemon Sun & Moon was going to come out at midnight so we were going of course.

After we secured our place in line it was time for sushi!

D even had some birthday saki

And V....he was in his "happy place"

After a great dinner it was back to get our Pokemon on....It was cold and entertaining (if you want to call it that)

All the same V was hyped and that made us happy.

Even if we were froze again.

Me and D couldn't get home and in bed soon enough....V stayed up till early the next day playing his new game....Who am I to talk? I read the last HP book cover to cover after the midnight release......Must be in the blood.

All in all D had a great birthday and we were happy to have got to spend another year with him!

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