Wednesday, November 2, 2016


As per the norm we headed on downtown to take advantage of free parking this Sunday.

We came quite a bit earlier then we usually do since there was rain in the forecast that night.

That meant we could check out some new to us areas.

We headed on over to have lunch at The Pie Hole.

We loved by the slice!

We really liked the decor as isn't for everyone but a Pabst mountain.....need I say more?

Next time I will be bringing my paint pens and a pocket full of quarters...

They have video games AND pinball!

You can write on every surface here...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

I was loving the mushrooms that were on the building....

Here is more of the wall...but the mushrooms were my fave.

After lunch we wandered around and found ourself in the back street behind the new Eccles Theater.

It looks like a lot of new restaurants and shops will be moving in by next spring.

This was the lobby.....very posh.

Apparently the back street was once a red light district, or something of the sort....who knew.

They have these little inlays along the sidewalk.....they were fun to look at.

Of course I found what I love....I hope they don't "clean it up"

The contrast between the old and new was pretty cool.

Cant wait to check it out when it is open for business.

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