Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dread Journey (3 months)

Well it has been 3 months...

And I have started removing some dreads already.

I should have known that I am fickle with my hair and I like constant change. Even if that means a color or bang trim etc.

I realize that they are still young and still need to mature and puff up. However my hair doesn't have the look I was wanting. I wanted big and full (the look I had got while using dread extensions) Instead I feel like I look as if I just got back from a Jamaica vacation.

I wasn't a fan of wearing them down so every day it is the same ol up in a bun.

I had gone for maintenance and I have to say I wasn't super impressed....So I had decided no more maintenance.

I also had my bangs dreaded and extensions put in.....that was fine for a while till parts of my hair started to work their way out and one dread was hanging on by a little strand (and pulling)

I knew this was a possibility since my bangs were short so I just pulled my bangs out little by little from the dread......4 dreads gone!

I was itching to have bangs again and cutting them short (the old stand by)

Again I was wanting the effect as when I had the extensions....short bangs with loos side pieces and up in a big ponytail.

Adding to my angst was the fact that I haven't colored my hair this whole year.....I was getting tired of the same ol.

I was considering using temp color again in the bright would look good over my brown and highlight with the grays and blond extensions that I still had.

I still have yet to make that jump.....I am less impulsive in my old age I guess. I am just riding it out to see.

As my hair was growing I like the loose pieces mingled within the dreads so I decided that I would pull more dreads out and have a halo of free hair.

So that is what I have been working on. Each day I take about 3 out.

The first one was hard....I wasn't sure what to expect and I just went with what I had seen on you tube.

I was spraying on detangler and working out the knots with the end of a rat tail comb. It worked but it took about an hour for one dread.

Then I was thinking if I just started with the detangler and worked it dry it should go faster.

It worked......I got 3 out in about an hour...that more like it.

For my method I dipped the dreads I wanted out into the detangler bottle and let them sit for a min or two so it was really sucked up in the dread.

I then put my hair up and went on with my day.

When it was later that night and I was ready to work on my hair I Just started working on it dry. It seriously was a breeze to work though.

Still work but not nearly as much and I felt that I liked working dry rather then wet anyhow.

These are my tools and the aftermath.....most of the hair was extension hair.

I was actually impressed since I generally shed like crazy....I was expecting more loss.

So for now I am removing all from the front section of my hair.

I will see what options and styles that opens up for me. If I am not happy I will most likely color or cut bangs, then move on from there.

I really want to give the dreads a chance to mature and puff. I will hold out till the year mark before I make any big decisions.

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