Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I think Halloween has to be our favorite holiday by far.

This year since we were in a new area I figured I would be that house that gave out the full sized bars.

We had about 40 kids come by so it was doable and so fun to see their faces.

I wonder if word of mouth will bring more to our door next year.

We carved our pumpkins earlier that day.

D hard at work.

Our 2016 pumpkins...

D made Jack Skellington, I just made a happy little pumpkin, and V was all about the angles this year.

V decided to be Bob Ross...leave it to V to pick something obscure.

Pumpkins lit, haunted mansion soundtrack qued up.....ready for the kids.

V scored candy this year....GOOD candy.....almost all of it was chocolate.

And sooooo many Reese's (that he saved for his Mum like a good guy)

I was super excited to get my holiday decorations up this year.

But I was equally as happy to take them all day and just have autumn deco around till December.

My leaf garland I made was finally hung.

And the sideboard was tidied up quite a bit.

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