Thursday, November 24, 2016

House Happenings

It feels like we have been doing a lot of stuff around the house this past week. Stuff that has been needed to get done and we have been putting off for one reason or another.

One of the major things was building a shed.

This house doesn't have a garage. Part of that is good, you cant store a bunch of unneeded junk.

However when you do have stuff that needs to be stored where do you put it?

I guess most people would just use the basement, but thats our Lego/sewing/tv area.

Needless to say the front room has been a dump all since we have moved in.

So last weekend we finally got the funds together to do the shed.

Talk about waiting till the last minute. We had a huge rain storm the following day.

Now that we have that handled we could move in and I could have my front room back again.

I have to say I was a bit more then happy for that to happen.

We still need to get two chairs for in there, but till then I can listen to records, chat with D while he is working and just enjoy.

We also got my squirrel chair mounted on the tree in the back.

It took them a week of checking it out and investigating but yesterday it finally got used.

It made me soooo happy!

He was so cute just sitting there eating. Even when we went out to the yard to hang some other bird feeders he didn't even care.

Speaking of, I had made bird seed molds for the birds to hang in the trees.

This tree was filled.

Needless to say they shouldn't be used where you get "weather" They would have been great in California, however here they lasted just one rain/snow.

The seeds are just on the ground so they will be eaten still or just germinate.

I just wish that they would have hung longer then it took them to dry.

So while we were getting jobs around the house handled D got up to clean the gutters.

Good thing too, because as we were finishing up a storm rolled on in.

The clouds were crazy. The photos don't even show how ominous they were.

Then after some pokehunting where I caught this guy masquerading as a Rattata.

We got some more snow!

We didn't get nearly as much as some friends further up the mountain.

We were still excited though.

This morning it was just very icy...Oh well we have more storms in the forecast.

It was a sticky snow so the trees are all so pretty.

I think it is crazy how this part of the yard never gets snow because of the big squirrel tree.

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