Saturday, November 26, 2016

Opt-Outside (Black Friday)

Yesterday was Black Friday and no we didn't partake.

Partly because we had no more spending money after our shed was handled (and new coats were bought)

But also because who wants to wait in lines and deal with crowds just to save a few dollars?

I mean I am all about saving money and if there is a deal I will sniff it out but from the ads I saw the savings compared to regular prices were just not that great. Even if I wanted to buy buy buy.

I always wonder what people are doing with all these TVs....I mean we have one and have had the same one for almost 10 years....It works just fine.

What are these people doing to need new ones every year?

Anyhow that being said we did venture to Target later in the day since we needed clips so we could hang the holiday lights before the next storm rolled in.

The porch and window still need some deco, but it is cute now.

Cant wait for a big snow so that the lights really glisten!

But most of the day was spent doing stuff in the yard and at the park. We headed on over to Liberty Park as well as Sugarhouse Park.

It was to Pokehunt...but we did get out and enjoyed the beautiful day all the same.

We were still too pooped from Thanksgiving to really GO DO anything else.

The little water features were full of fall leaves trapped in the ice.

You can't really tell from this but it was just layer upon layer of leaves.....So pretty.

The reflection of the trees in the lake was perfect...All the water was sooo still.

Sunset at Sugarhouse Park

So even though we didn't go up into the mountains like we had planned, we still had a beautiful day out doors.

Besides we still have 2 more days of this 4 day weekend!

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