Monday, November 7, 2016

Shred Fest

This past weekend we headed on over to Liberty Park to check out the first SLC Shred Fest.

It was an all day event but we only headed on over later to see the snowboarding and lumberjack events.

There was a pretty big turn out.

Lots of local companies were there showing off their goods.

These snowboards had amazing graphics.

As the sun was going down it was time fort the snowboarding to begin.

These guys (and gals) were amazing......I mean doing back flips etc when it was just about an inch of slush/ice is pretty ballsy.....its not like landing into a few feet of powder.

It was fun to watch.....lots of fails as well.

I think my favorite thing (aside from pizza from Lucky Slice) was this truck that belonged to Smith Optics.

I know I really want to convert a short bus, but this......I could be quite happy with something like this for all our adventures as well.

All in all a great way to finish off a Saturday.

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