Saturday, November 26, 2016


Usually for Thanksgiving we just stay home and I cook all day and out up holiday decorations.

This year we were invited to go over and celebrate with some of our friends. 

It was really great.

I still spent all day cooking, but then as soon as everything was finished we headed on over to gather and eat.

We had so much fun! 

And did I mention we had snow the night before so everything was pretty.

So much fun in fact that I didn't even remember to take any photos....not even of the food.

What I do have is the aftermath of leftovers (There was SOOOOO much food)

We all came home like stuffed little piggies, but like I said we had so much fun!

The next day we had leftovers for lunch and dinner. 

We just have a little bit left to finish up and then we will be back to our regularly scheduled program.

The break from cooking for a few days was nice, however we are defiantly looking forward to our regular meals again.

I did get a photo of the leftovers...

Sweet potatoes, Shepard's pie, Stuffing, Scalloped potatoes...there was so much more, but that was all I could fit on this plate.

So much good food...good thing we don't eat like this every day!

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