Sunday, December 18, 2016

Blue Moon Alpaca Ranch

Yesterday we headed on out toward Kamas to visit the Blue Moon Alpaca Ranch for their quarterly open house.

We had never been, but had lots of fun.

We can't wait to head back for their next open house in the spring.

We had a huge storm Friday so getting there was interesting, seeing that we hadn't drove on icy roads before...

Almost all ice....they were clearing them as we drove.

The view long the way was beautiful.

We seriously can't get enough of the snow!

When we got to the ranch we were super excited to be greeted by so many smiling faces.

The owners were super friendly and full of information, as well as ready to answer any and all questions.

They REALLY love their alpacas!

I can see why.....I have always wanted some and yesterday sealed the deal.

The guys were in heaven talking with all the little ladies (the guys were off elsewhere)

Oh those faces....

Such big personalities!

Sitting pretty....this just made me cold tho think about. But their fleece is about 4 inches thick....COZY!

More camera lovin alpacas.

Alpaca tongue.

The farm was right on a pretty.

I think I took this photo on accident lol

On the way back we stopped at Volker's bakery.

The trucks lured me in...I mean really? Greatful Bread.

If your in Kamas they have really yummy treats.

Lake Jordanelle...I think it was was erie and grey.

Looking out toward Heber

We drove home though park City.

Downtown looked really festive...we will have to go back at night (and not a weekend)

It always amuses me that the lifts just go right into town.

This little lodge is so cool. We always have to stop and check it out.


We even spotted Mr and Mrs Clause doing a little shopping.

It was a great Saturday out.

We wrapped it up with going to have Somalian food for dinner at Noor (always yummy)

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