Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Comedown

The week between Christmas and New Years is always my favorite.

We have just been hanging out and spending alot of time toasty in the house.

I have to start the new year off fresh so that means this week I have been busy taking down Christmas deco (outside will have to wait till it is safe for a ladder).

I feel like I can breath again...I love having the tree and deco up, but at the same time after a month of it I am over it and like to go back to no clutter.

I also usually spend this time setting up my binder for the year...ok I am not going to lie, usually I wait till the last min and am working on it NYE.

This year I have had it done for a month now. Just a few more days and the 2016 section can move out and it will all be 2017.

Last year I had alot of sections that I never used, so this year is streamlined. Ready to plan out roadtrips and destinations along with tracking where every penny goes.

Speaking of...this past year (since we moved really) I have been really bad about logging every penny so I am back on that train.

Along with that I needed to find a tracking app that fit my needs.

I ended up going with Pocket Expense Pro (I think they have it for Android as well) I really cant be happier with it. Does exactly what I need.

This week has also been spent purging, making lists of what we need and what needs to be done.

Going thru closets and cabinets. I mean we live a pretty clutter free life, but there is always that area you always forget etc. I am getting those.

Decluttering/purging doesn't only pertain to the material objects.....there is plenty of digital cuter out there as well.

I have been going through photos and digital files as I back up 2016. Nothing is more satisfying as a fresh new folder for 2017 to work from.

I have been using Instagram in 2016 for my 365 project and I think I will keep that for the years to come. I like how it works and its features.

I have been purging stuff on about digital hoarding. If I am not really going to make it or do it, the pin is gone.

I just cant stand stuff floating around, taking up space....even if it is "virtual space"

So how have you been spending your time between Christmas and New Year?

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