Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Welcome

Nothing like waking up to se it snowing out your window.

Seriously sheer joy!

Everyone was up early today.

D for work obviously, and V because the live streams have began for December.

This meant I had to share my coffee with him...but the snow made up for that.

So far it has just been a light constant snow, however I am hoping that it will add nicely to what was already there.

We finally got out yesterday at D's lunch to go sledding and more is needed (grass peaking out is no bueno)

We still had lots of fun though.

It wasn't that deep, but deep enough to slide down.


Fun times

Sadly our sled only lasted the one day.....damn plastic junk (and the one we got was made in the USA too)

Snow he really that much taller then me?

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