Monday, December 26, 2016

Holiday Happenings

This weekend was Christmas!

We spent most of it just hanging out and enjoying around the house.

Christmas eve was mostly rainy and very much like the PNW so we were happy.

Most of the day we were watching the crazy squirrels...

I made cottage pie for dinner...

And enjoyed the Christmas deco.

As we were heading to bed the snow started to fall.

The next morning we woke up to a white Christmas......We got about a foot of powder!

We were all excited!

Snow even made it up to the front door this time...

 We opened gifts.

Then headed out side...

The squirrels were being silly as always.

D was taking advantage of the fresh snow for a Gi Joe photo shoot.

Then headed out for a neighborhood walk in the snow.

I just love when snow stacks up on the branches.

Every corner was solid ice....Glad we weren't driving anyplace.

The snow was pretty deep.
At times up to my knees.

The snow didn't stop the Trax

Icicles! Sadly this house has rain gutters so we don't get icicles.....

One of the neighbors has TONS of blowmolds.......

More trees

And icicles...

We came home to more squirrel shenanigans...

Took a few night time photos and called it a night.

Christmas 2016 was a great one!

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