Monday, December 5, 2016

Holliday Fun

This weekend flew by way too fast.

We started out Friday night by heading on over to the Christkindlmarkt.

It was held at "This is the Place"

Like always it was super cute and this year it was even better since they had it mingled within the buildings.

And gnomes everywhere!

The view from up there was amazing....even though this photo doesn't show it all.

Time was also spent by a little holiday crafting...

I finally made myself a little Tomte.

I am happy about how he turned out, even if I was about to scrap the project 1/2 way thought.

By the time I was done with the second one I made I had it I am on the look out for some other colors of felt so I can have some year round gnomes.

Saturday we headed into town and walked home though the park.

I was loving ice on everything in unexpected places......We are still in aww of how the ice forms on different objects.

Then it was back home to build our first snowman of the season.

Getting the tree situated.

Then V decorated his bedroom tree.

Our tree this year...

A few years back I had weeded out a lot of deco so I always feel like we don't have enough, but with all the lights and tinsel it looks fine.

These are a few of my fav ornaments...

More bottle brush critters will be joining the crew this season as well.

After the tree was situated we started in on our yule log.

Thanks to D and his help I have a lovely yule log this year.

Later that night we headed downtown to check out the lights at Temple Square.

I loved all the buildings decorated in the traditional way.

This building has the best stained glass.....

The temple.....I don't know why but I love photographing this building....I know it has to be the architecture and the lighting.

The guys

The photos cant even capture how bright and pretty everything is all lit up.

A few weeks ago me and D saw them getting started with their Nativity...imagine looking for Pokemon and taking photos of the supermoon to turn around and see a field full of sheep....lets just say it caught me off guard.

Now it was all set up, it was really pretty.

The lights change with each scene and narrative.

I am not religious but I have always loved the imagery of the Nativity.

After walking around the square we were heading back to the car and checked out Macy's "Candy Windows"

Again the photos do nothing for these creations...So cool!

I had never understood the excitement of holiday window displays. But having a store front in a downtown area on the street just is so different then being in a mall.

I don't know, but now I get it....

Overall a great first weekend of December, with many more to come!

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