Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Yesterday we headed on over to the Natural History Museum for free homeschool day.

That is one of our favorite museums so far in the area and we try to go every time there is a new exhibit.

This time it was Poison...

I love the mural.

So the exhibit was one of my faves. But then again I really love this kind of stuff.

Both me and V didn't learn too much that we didn't already know, but I guess that because its an interest and I read a lot.

The frogs always make me happy...They are so cute.

I love the displays...

They had some models of different insects that were toxic.

This was interesting, a small group of people were able to take over a much larger city but sending over "scorpion bombs"

Also the omen of the hare and the root.....quite interesting. And seriously who doesn't love a creepy hare holding a "gift"

The photo doesn't do it justice, but he was super cool!

They had a big display for Alice and described how the chemicals used in making hats were toxic and made you "mad as a hatter"

I secretly loved this because I love Alice so much.

I do with that they would have used all that space to have more info and displays, But I get it....they are trying to interest the masses.

Another display that I loved was the Snow White display.

As much as I enjoyed it I really would have liked to see the space used for more info.

I was pleased that they didn't use a Disney image for Snow White or Alice.

The classic images are soooo much better in my opinion.

The area with books was interesting as well.

We learned why Shiva is blue...that was interesting.

This book was HUGE and would be amazing to sit down with to look at.....I love old books.

This display was how different materials would react with poisons so you would know if you were going to be poisoned or not.


They had a "who done it" that happened every 1/2 hr I believe.

We didn't partake, but I did get photos.

I like how I captured the "scientist" and board in the reflection......too bad you can also see my phone and hand in it too lol.

There were also scenes to see if you could solve the poisoning.

This one just screamed Twin Peaks to me.

After the exhibit we headed to the roof for photos.

I had never notices these before...

The roof was sadly closed because of "weather" so I had to get a shot on the way back to the car.

It was a beautiful day.

I even bought a book to add to the collection.

Later that night I decided to make homemade tomato soup and Welsh rarebit on some bread I made the other day.

It turned out really tasty (but soo filling)

Another recipe from Gordon that got a thumbs up from us. So far he hasn't lead me in the wrong direction.

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