Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Snow Play

Yesterday we took advantage of D having the day off and there still being tons of snow on the ground.

So we headed on up to Sugarhouse park.

We didn't even go to the big main hill and it was a zoo... not surprisingly so.

So we headed to our little nook of the park...more trees but less people.

The new metal disk works way better then the last one we had bought.

V always being overly dramatic with his landings.

Then he decided snow play and throwing snowballs and me and D was more fun.

We brought D's snowboard to do some practicing before we head to Brighton.

We are getting there...able to stop start and so turns...yippy!

After a few hours we were ready to come home to a hot shower and snack.

Guess who else was snacking......the squirrels!

They have eaten a 10lb bag of corn in a little more than a month...no wonder why they are sooooo fluffy now.

Just playing my part to keeping them cozy this winter.

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