Monday, January 16, 2017

Hardware Ranch

This Sunday we decided  to take a little day trip up to Northern Utah to visit Hardware Ranch.

The clear skies and dry roads made for a great time to make the trek.

We made a stop in Ogden for some lunch at Lucky Slice.

I just love Downtown Ogden with all the buildings and signs.

It is too bad that SLC didn't save one street to keep original like some of the other towns have.

After lunch we headed on up to Cache County.

There was so much more snow up there, and the temps were about 20 degrees cooler then SLC.

We saw lots of deer feeding along the hills as we drove.

The park had so much snow that the merry go round was almost completely covered.

Loving the icicles (as always)

The mounds of snow had really interesting ice formations on them.....they were crystalizing up to the sky.....I had never seen this so I was intrigued.

Even the flat ice had 3D ice crystals.

It was such a beautiful day!

Only in the teens but the sun was bright and the sky was blue.

All the elk congregating for food.

You didn't think we would use the path do you?

I just love seeing the animal tracks in the snow.

Our sleds "horsepower" for the day.

Just waiting to load the sled.

Finally it was our turn and we got the best seat in the house.

Apparently it was really crowded earlier in the day...glad we came later.

The time we got there the elk were just finishing eating and were going to head on out for the night to digest.

It was really peaceful.

The guide was saying that they have the same type of stomach system as a cow. So they will eat during the day and head off at night. The act of digestion keeps them warm throughout the night, acting as a heater.

Some of them were already settling in.

They were taking count on our ride and they counted over 600.

They put out feed for them over the winter and tag them to see who returns. But they are free to come and go.

Most of the population are the moms and babies. The Bulls come and go but rarely stick around.

The tongue.......

The ride wasn't all that long. It just pretty much made a loop, but we were out in the middle of the herd and they were pretty close so it was worth it.

On the way home we saw a bunch of wild turkeys (I think that is what they were)

As well as some deer feeding.

After we got back into town we wanted to check out Downtown Logan.

This movie theater was really cool.

And we had pizza again for dinner.

Food choices up in that area seem to be a bit "bland" and on a Sunday it is slim pickings anyhow.

We went to  Factory Pizza.

It is downstairs in a basement.

It was a game night and obviously the local pizza joint.

Their pizza was super good!

The crust was almost like a french bread pizza flavor and texture.

Really good...if you ever find yourself in Logan and need to eat check them out!

It was a long but fun day..however we were sure glad to get home. 

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