Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ice Castles

The other evening we met up with friends at the ice castles in Midway.

None of us had been before but we were intrigued by the photos we had seen.

It got off to a rocky start...there were no signs up as to where to check in and we were going back and forth looking where we were to go.

We were beginning to think this was going to be a bust like some other stuff that was said to be "amazing".

However once we got checked in and signed a waiver we headed in.


You walk through a tunnel to get inside...

Then it is just a mass enclosure of ice structures.

It was a bit busy when we got there, but it cleared out fast and it seriously felt like we had the place to ourselves and some photographers.

The lights are constantly changing color and it makes photos a bit more difficult, but the effect on the ice is amazing.

There was an ice slide...

That you had to crawl through a tunnel to get to...

And just in general lots to see (if your into ice formations....we are)

The kids had fun trying to see how small of passage they could fit though...

We found a few more slides that were more fun then the one with the line.

And just more neat spots in general to check out.

We ended up closing the place down that night.

It is now something that is on our annual list of things to do in Utah.

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