Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow and Star Trek

We have just been hanging out, visiting with friends and enjoying the snow lately.

The roof has finally got enough snow and filled the gutters that we are now getting icicles.......yea!

Still a lot of snow on the ground.

And the snowy trees......I just love when the branches are covered with snow.

We have been having pretty chilly temps but the next storm is to be warmer and just bring us rain.

That being forecasted we figured that we best get out and practice some more boarding at the park while we could.

It was perfect...we were the only ones on this section of hill.

I guess everyone was out of "holiday" mode and back to business as usual.

It is kinda crazy really because there is still tons of good snow to be ridden.

I got in a few good goes without any falling.

And can now do both frontside and backside, as well as getting in and out of my bindings standing up.

This was a big feat for me because I was afraid I would head downhill before I was "ready"

Break time....

D was practicing turns....

Diligently cleaning his board off at the end of each ride.

It was a fun few hours at the park.

When we got home we were all ready to just warm up and vedge with some Star Trek.

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