Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend Whatnots

With the warm wet storm that we had it melted all the snow. We  pretty much all of it. We still have the heaps from shoveled snow, but that is about it.

I have to say the city isn't quite as pretty without the snow. There is another storm in the forecast so we can only hope it dumps for us.

We LOVE the snow so much.

Lately we have got a few little flutters but nothing to speak of...

Just the little dusting you see here.

This is the first time in over a month that the Buddhas have even been visible.

They are weathering quite rapidly with the elements...just as I like it.

The squirrels on the other hand have been enjoying the weather....

All the animals that eat in our yard actually.

We have tons of birds that frequent us for food, as well as our little fuzzy friends who are corn-whores.

I know I have said this over and over but they are soooo much fun to watch!

We decided to take advantage of the better driving conditions we headed down to the outlets and to check out Cabala's.

As we thought Cabala's is much like the Bass Pro Shop that we had in California (I think they are owned by the same people now)

That meant they had the shooting gallery....I love these!

Sadly the counters didn't work so we had to keep count on our own.

We just need to make a trip to the real range so we can come back with our targets for proof of skills.

Places like this are also always filled with taxidermy.

Besides having the main floor displays Cabala's also has a whole "room" with a lot of different animals.

This always makes for fun photos...

It obviously doesn't take a lot to entertain us.

The rest of our day was spent thrifting.

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