Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sunday Funday

Since we had got a bunch of snow on Saturday we figured we would take advantage and head on over to the park for some more practice.


The sun had come out Saturday afternoon and melted enough to make it hard and icy in some spots.

There was still soft snow but it was so mixed it was really hard for us to do anything.

The areas that were powder were deep and you just couldn't get the momentum to keep you going.

We did take a few runs..

I did a pretty big "eat it" so for the rest of the time I just enjoyed the silence and nature (we were the only ones at the park) While D was working on turning and making adjustments to his stance.

Someone got lost on her way to Sundance.

I figured the rest of the day I would just take a nap or lay low.

Instead we decided to go to the mall and walk around and browse.

As normal there was nothing that we wanted or needed...except for maybe a snack.

The mall was pretty quiet so it was nice to just snack and relax watching the snow out the window.

We ended up going to a few thrifts on the way home and made a few scores, so the day wasn't all a bust.

Overall another weekend of good times.

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