Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Super Saturday!

It all started with the fortune I got in my cookie Friday night.

The next morning we woke up to over a foot of new snow...

While D was shoveling I went in the back to take photos and visit with my little friends.

 He was asking me why there wasn't any fresh corn out for him to eat.

 Little fatty got his demand filled.

Came down, snatched some corn then had to go eat it elsewhere.

I just love when the trees are heavy with snow...

Snow and moss...two of my favorite things!

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When D was done with the shoveling we headed out for lunch.

After a tummy full of warm pho we were more than ready to take a walk (or rather play) in the snow.

Everything is so much prettier covered in snow.

It was deep...we walked on the patch that was unplowed of course.


We grabbed a tea to enjoy outside.

Since there was a huge patch of untouched snow we had to stop and make snow angels.

We really love walking along the Trax.

That being said I really hope that all the hard work, time and energy that our neighborhood is doing will stop the building of a shelter on Simpson.

After being outside for a few hours we were ready to get changed and venture out to Trolly Square.

Every time we have been there i find something new.

This time it was old safes.

We also spent some time in Weller Books.

It is pretty much like a mini Powell's Books.

I love these places and can spend hours...but without a list it can be quite overwhelming.

They had the fire going outside.

The sunset was really great, the photos never look as amazing as the real thing.

And on the way home it finally happened.....

We caught a Snorlax!

Turned out to be another wonderful Saturday.

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