Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We got a lot of fresh snow over the new year.

The morning was beautiful....nothing I love more then cold weather snow and sunshine.

D is a champ with his shoveling skills.

Since we had nowhere we needed to be or anything that needed to be done we decided to just take a walk around town to enjoy the snow.

They had cleared the Trax sidewalk this time...kinda a bummer but safer I guess.

I had never seen icicles on a tree before.

We went to check out Hidden Hollow.


I had to take a shot of our little library.......I just love how it looks in the snow.

The gutter was frozen solid.

I had never noticed that the manhole covers had sugar beets on them.

The neighbors icicles are getting crazy...

And we had a little snow visitor.

I put a fresh corn out for the squirrels and felt eyes watching me.

Sure enough this little guy was just a branch above my head waiting to eat.

I think they know my voice now and that I am the one who brings the food.

They are letting me get really close to them now without a flinch.

This makes me super happy...more then you can imagine.

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