Friday, February 3, 2017

Bluebird Days

We decided to head on up to Brighton the other day.

We figured it would be a prefect day to go walk around the lake and get some photos and explore in the fresh air.

The drive up was really nice. I just love seeing snow covered trees...just perfect.

Sadly once we got there we were denied.

The lake becomes part of Solitude Resort during the winter and is for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

We were pretty bummed.

At the same time this is another reason why we would get snowshoes.

I have been intrigued but wasn't really sure how much we would use them...Seeing that we love exploring around, and the snow it only makes sense.

We decided instead to just walk around Brighton and watch some people on the slopes.

ON the way we noticed just how much snow there really was.

Loved it!

Just made me think howI would love to live with more snow.

It was crazy to think that this whole slope is usually a stream with a mini fall.

Corduroy....This really amuses me more then it should....

It was pretty busy that day, yet not insane.

Virgin snow....

Always trailing behind...

We still have yet to have epic nachos from Molly Green' day we will be here ready to eat during season.


The beginners slope.

We sat and watched them for a bit.

Look at all the cars.

We were still in sock since we are usually up here in off season and there are maybe 5 cars total.

I just love this little Haus.

There were tons of blackbirds out and about ...I had to get this guy on his perch.

The ride home was just as pretty.

We didn't see any animals in the hills, just lots of tracks.

Days spent at Brighton are some of our favorites.

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