Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Favorites

There were a few new great "finds" for me this month that I wanted to share.

Maybe this will turn into a monthly thing?

I am not sure too sure, seeing that I am not much of a consumer.

But here goes.

Lets start off with personal products...

I had got a free bottle of Everyone 3 in 1 soap from the local Natural Grocers with one of their mailers.

Lets just say that I don't plan on going back to bar soap again. 

This smells great and is non drying and the best part is NO SOAP SCUM in the shower.

It kinda makes you wonder what was happening on with your skin, if the bars were leaving so much funk on the tub.

Next, I have been looking for a sunscreen that I could use on my face that was non chemical as well as not breaking me out or leaving me feeling like my skin couldn't breath (I am weird with lotions)

Everything I saw was either a low SPF or way to pricy.

Then I was thinking that baby products were probably less irritant.

That led me to this sunscreen from Babyganics.

I have to say I love it!

It is thick and creamy and a little goes a long way.

It is a bit scary at first (white face) But I just get it all over and make sure I haven't missed any spots, let it sit a min then run it in to invisible.

I have wore it alone, under makeup, with and without a primer and it was great in all situations.

It didn't feel greasy, caky, sticky or heavy.

I have also been wearing it out on the snow and in the sun with great results.

The last bathroom product is one of the best I would have to say.

It is a natural deodorant from Humblebrands.

Deodorant is just one of those things...I know the store brand are awful for you however I can sweat like a crazy lady.

What are you to do?

For years I had made my own concoctions none of which I was in love with.

Since we are mostly on a plant based diet we don't really "smell" like we did years ago.

That being said D and V don't use any product.

I on the other hand have days where I need something.

So for the last few years I have used an old spice (yea yea I know, probably the worst out there) But that being said I didn't even get 1/2 way though one stick in those two years so I am not super worried.

Then I cam across Humble.

Lets just say it is amazing! it is the right consistency, only 5 ingredients and IT WORKS!

I got the cedar wood scent and it is nice, however if they were to add a citrus like say maybe a lemongrass that would be AMAZING!

Now onto the kitchen...

For years I have bought (and tossed out) many flour bag towels.

They were the only ones that would dry without leaving lint.

I refuse to use the dishwasher so I actually dry everything. That being said I need a towel that is more then "pretty"

The problem with flour sack towels is that they are white....when dealing with cast iron this poses a problem.

You towels will never "look" clean, even if they are bleached and right out of the wash.

Fortunately at Williams Sonoma I found these all purpose pantry towels.

I have to say they are amazing.

No lint, super thirsty, and best part...they won't look dirty.

They were a bit more then I would have liked to spend, however the fact that I wouldn't have to be re-buying when they get ugly will be worth it in the long run.

Another kitchen item is my 16 inch cast iron from Cabela's.

Typically I like to stick with Lodge for my un-enameled cast iron, however when I saw this in person it is the same wight and quality as Lodge (probably made by Lodge...who knows)

The other night we made our first pizza in it (the whole reason for buying this size) And it turned out AMAZING!

So glad I went with the cast iron over a pizza stone.

The next two items are to eat...

I have been eating these for a while, but just wanted to share how delicious they are (incase you didn't know)

First off...

Ovaltine European Formula

This flavor is like the classic that I grew up with...not too sweet and malty.

This one is hugely different then the US version. 

The US version is SOOOOOOO sweet (I think the first ingredient in that one is sugar actually) 

To me it tastes the same as Nesquick and while I know people love that...we don't. 

We only like dark chocolate and are not really fans of overly sweet. 

If that sounds like you you give it a try, I bet you will enjoy it.

You can buy it here via Amazon. But the price is more then double.

Instead, if you have any Middle Eastern or Asian market in your neighborhood you will find it there for $5.


Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

They are sooo yummy (especially from the freezer)

If you don't have a Trader Joe's near you, you can buy them on Amazon (but they are double the price)

Seriously??? WTF Amazon.

Now lets move from double the retail price, to a fraction of the retail price...

I love thrifting. I love finding steals and stuff that no one else will be wearing etc.

I have been waiting a snowboarding jacket for quite a while. I knew what I wanted as far as looks and features and fit.

Unfortunately as with most of my likes they are out of my budget, but usually if I hold out I can find something on sale or at the thrift.

This was one of those times...

It was in the wrong section and I was in the right place and the right time.

Thats right folks, I got a ThirtyTwo jacket for $20.

I believe this is an old version of the Shiloh jacket. It has everything I was looking for AND it is a ThirtyTwo.

I have boots from them and have been nothing buy happy so I have to say this was my "thrift fire" for January

Well that it...I hope you enjoyed these items and me sharing them with you.

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