Friday, February 3, 2017

Squirrel Shenanigans

So I am sure by now you know that I have a soft spot for squirrels.

They are crazy little critters with a whole lot of personality...sometimes too much.

Anyhow we have about 4 resident squirrels that come by for the corn I put out.

They know the drill, they look in the bedroom window if there is no corn, they have found out that if we are not in the back room we will probably be in the front room, etc etc.

These guys are seriously smarter then a lot of humans out there.

Last Saturday this little guy took the cake.

I was on the couch reading and out of the corner of my eye I see a little spy...

To the end of the branch...

Back to the base...."I see you in there"

Out to the end "Have I got your attention?"

"How bout now.....I am cute huh?"

Then back down the tree...

He then proceeds to hop back and forth along the sidewalk between the two neighbors fences....."look at me"

Next it was up the drive cautiously....

To the porch.

I have never seen them get up by the porch.

"Is this the way in?"

THEN....this happens.....he gets up and is craning his neck to look in "I see you in there woman"

"What do I have to do for some corn around here??? Do I need to do a little dance?"

It was the strangest thing and highly amusing.

I am so glad I got photos of the whole ordeal.

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