Friday, March 3, 2017

Snow and Squirrels

The last part of February just kinda came and went without anything exciting to speak of.

The squirrels were out to have some corn again.

Since the weather has been warmer and the ground clear they have been eating more greens and buried nuts.

They still come visit the corn, just not as often.

Then we got another most welcomed snow.

It wasn't tons, however it was welcomed all the same.

Just watching it come down out the window is the best.

When it is wet and slippery the squirrels have to sit in the chair properly...otherwise they slip and slide off the arms rests.

We celebrated Twin Peaks day...With donuts of course.

Second snow of the week, Just when D didn't think there was going to be anymore shoveling for the season.

Love it when it sticks to the branches!

Mr Squirrel visiting for a meal.

We headed out to Park City for lunch at Davansa's.

We love their can collections, here is some of their PBR stash.

And randomness...

I scored another pair of snowpants...this gal got a $200 pair for $18 (I love stacking sales)

So all in all February ended on a good note.

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