Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend Wanderings

We haven't been up to much for the most part, however that doesn't mean we haven't been sitting around doing nothing.

Saturday we headed on out to check out Bricks and Minifigs in South Jordan.

We have been to several locations of theirs in the PNW and were thrilled to find out that they had opened on here in Utah!

V ended up getting a custom weapon set while I made myself an Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks.

We also found a "new to us" tactical surplus store. I was more then excited and was able to get some supplies for an upcoming project.

On our way home we took side streets since the freeway was stopped.

We had to make a detour when I spotted Pirate O's Market

I had read about this place when we first moved up and I was looking for British items.

It is a really cool little market and deli with all kinds of international treats. 

They had an ad outside for Aussie Pies so we got excited thinking they would have them hot and ready to go. Sadly it was just a deli and the pies were in the freezer.

It was still fun and glad we stopped in and got a few items.

Later that night V had a concert to go to with some friends.

They went to see Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions

Apparently their seats were great and everyone had a great time.

Everyone was hyped in the lobby waiting for the excitement to begin...

While they were attending their concert, the adults walked around downtown.

Got some pizza and some vegan doughnuts at Big O Doughnuts.

Next door was a vintage camera display....I like how they got the alignment just can see the cameras on the opposite side of the building perfectly.

Sunday was low key...We basically only left the house to get pizza at Este Pizza, and had one of the best salads we have had in quite a while.

We are not big salad eaters, however their house salad is delish!

We came home, continued to clean stuff out, did wash and vedged (the usual)

Then it snowed pretty much out of the blue. It had been about 60 and windy all weekend then BAM!

Crazy snow and freezing rain.

It was one of those super bright nights as well (this was taken after 10:30pm) and it looks like daylight.

The wind was howling and got snow all the way up to the front door (and anything west facing for that matter.

Yea I went out barefoot to take photos.

Today it was just really an icy crust with a few inches of powder hiding beneath.

It almost looked like beanbag fill.

You could tell the wind was blowing...the yard looked like sand.

And of course my buddies were out looking for food.

This wasn't my Mr fatty so he was a bit more cautious...but then he warmed up.

He smiled at me!

That just made my day!

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