Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wrapping up Winter

We wrapped up winter with a trip to Brighton.

We still hadn't gotten up to Molly Greens to try out their nachos...

FYI they are pretty tasty.

The food was good and the overall vibe was spot on for a great little bar.

I just wish it was open year round.

After filling our tummies we headed out for D to take some GI Joe photos before all the snow was gone.

We headed on up to Guardsman Pass to where the road literally ended (no winter maintenance)

I am looking forward to snowshoeing in this area next year.

Even though there was a lot less snow then when we were up last, it was still hitting high on the street signs.

D headed off to do his thing...

And I took some random shots while exploring in the snow.

Toward the bottom of the canyon there was little to no snow left...Still pretty though.

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