Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April...So Far

It wasn't until the other day that I hadn't posted anything for April.

We got a surprise snow...

And our little squirrel friends have been up to their antics.

We have been just going on walks, enjoying al the spring flowers popping up everywhere.

Every day there is something new to see.

Dandelions are EVERYWHERE!

We have also just been hanging out, enjoying the sun...

Walking around town seeing what is going on...

This little guy was quite the warbler.

Fresh graffiti...

Peeling paint from the winter...soooo satisfying.

V and myself also went to check out the Leonardo on free homeschool day to check out the Flight exhibit.

The most interesting thing to us was that they had "landmarks" for planes at one time, and that some are still there.

We were really hoping for more, but it is hard to beat the Ca Science Center.

So there you have it, our April in a nutshell.

There hasn't been anything super exciting, however we have been keeping busy, happy and healthy.

Not much more you can ask for.

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