Thursday, May 25, 2017

Colorado Birthday

We started off road trip season with a trip to Colorado for V's birthday this year.

We had never been so we wanted to check it out.

On the way we got to check out Vernal...we will be back.

Then we made it...Colorado.

I have to say we enjoyed everything up to the Roosevelt Tunnel. 

Glenwood Springs has beautiful weather and their springs looked amazing. 

We will have to go back and just stay there in the future.

As we climbed the weather got snowy. 

Not what we expected when we planned our trip, but beautiful none the less.

We stopped and checked out a few little towns along the way.

We stopped in both Vail and Breckenridge and loved them both.

It felt like we were the only ones there.

That was where we should have ended our journey...

Like I had said everything up to the tunnel was great, after the tunnel had nothing to offer us.

I really don't know what we were expecting from the Denver area however it was just not for us. 

It was trafficy, a lot of people, and nothing much to look at.

For our trip we planned to camp at Jellystone Park but since it was covered in snow and everything was pretty muddy we decided to upgrade for a cabin (smart move)

That night we just had dinner and hung out after the long drive.

By this time I was feeling more then the road....I had got ahold of something along the way and was feeling awful.

The next day was V's Bday and we were going to check out Denver for the day.

But first...Coffee!

Then we headed out to check out some gaming stores.

We hit up a few skate parks and then Hyperspace Arcade.

Seriously the best thing in Denver for us. I just wish I was feeling better to have "been on my game".

Even in Denver the squirrels came out to visit us.

We decided to do an early dinner because we were all pretty spent and over the day.

But we HAD to go to Casa Bonita

It was cool, but a one and done kinda place.

The next day we packed up and were more then ready to head on home.

On our way we poked on over into Nebraska (because seriously I doubt we would ever go there any other time)

Then on thru Wyoming.

Talk about a big long state to travel though.

There isn't much going on but the skies are always amazing there so it makes the drive enjoyable.

We stopped off to look at a few old towns along the way.

A blizzard and some major lightning storms later we were finally back in Utah.

It is always good to be home.

And while there are no plans to be traveling back to Denver, we are looking forward to our next adventure!

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