Sunday, May 7, 2017

May The Fourth Be With You

For May the 4th the Urban Arts Gallery downtown was having their opening for the annual Star Wars exhibit.

We headed on out to check it out.

It didn't seem as "eventful" as pas years, however the low key vibe was really nice and actually preferred (by us anyhow).

Here were some works that stood out to me this year.

This was one of my faves.

Rogue One by Candy Dagger

Rebellion Roast by Jenni Foo Foo

Star Wars Travel Posters by Todd Anderson

Not Star Wars related but I liked them all the same.

Old Nuts by Dawn Taylor

The Deathbird by Grant Fuhst

 The exhibit is up till the end of May.

If your in the area it is worth checking out and supporting the local artists and the Urban Arts Alliance.

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