Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Long Weekend

This past weekend we had grand plans to go up to Brighton and get in a snowy walkabout before more of the snow melted.

But such as life things don't always go as planned.

First off our basement finally got finished after what felt like an eternity.

With that being done I knew I needed to paint before we started moving our stuff back down.

And since we wanted our stuff out of the front room ASAP that meant I got to paint on Friday.

I actually don't mind painting and I rather enjoy it, but it is a lot of work.

But it got done...and boy was I feeling it.

On Saturday D went skating and while he was gone I decided to start moving everything I could back down.

I should have known better, being sore from the prior day but I pushed on.

By the end of the day everything was back to how it should be, and I was SORE!

There was no way that I was going to be able to go up in the mountains for an explore so we decided to just hang out in the yard.

D headed out and got us a BMX! I am really excited to have one again after all these years.

I cant wait to test it out! D brought it out yesterday and had a lot of fun.....I cant wait.

We worked in the yard and got the planters finished and then I tackled staining the kitchen set.

It was a long messy day, but in the end worth it.

Another thing marked off my epic list of things to do.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating guacamole and watching all the animals in the yard...I swear it is a zoo sometimes.

I finally got a photo of Mr Quail.

He's so regal with his little crest.

The family wasn't with him on this outing...there is a mama and two babies and they are just the cutest walking down the street.

That was about as exciting or non exciting as the weekend got for us.

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