Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dead & Company

Last night both me and D went to our first ever Dead show.

We had a bunch of fun and seriously cant believe that it took so long to actually make it to see a show.

It was our first, but wont be our last.

The weather was warm early on, however as it got into the night it was amazing.

An ALMOST full moon.

The show itself was rather mellow, however it was still super enjoyable.

I have to say Shakedown Street was most fun after the show. Music was pumping and everyones grills were going.

Just what you wanted after a show.

Before it got packed with hungry concert goers.

I loved this van...I am a sucker for "adVANture vans...and murals just make it that much better!

Such a fun night...till next summers tour!

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