Thursday, June 8, 2017

Silver Lake in the Spring

I should revise this...."late spring" Last time we went up to Brighton to explore around we were in our snow pants and there were still feet upon feet of snow.

We had been wanting to head back up for one last but of snow exploration, however stuff kept coming up.

So last Sunday we figured we would head on up after dinner (thinking that everyone would be heading home for the day)

Boy were we wrong. It was still quite busy.

Most of the snow is gone and it is crazy to see the difference of where the snow level was the last time we were up and now.

Still beautiful all the same, even if we did have to deal with some loud mouths on the trail.

The water was so still I was obsessed with getting reflective shots, especially with all the clouds in the sky that day.

These plants were popping up everywhere along the shores....I cant wait to see what they become.

There was still a good amount of snow, but nowhere near where it was last time we were there.

When we were there last the blue tags on the trees were at our calf to waist level.

There were several people out fishing for the day, but no one had any bites.

Overall another beautiful day up in Brighton.

I don't think we have ever had a bad day up there.

Pretty sure this weekend we are going to head over to the actual runs to explore and hike (less people)

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