Friday, June 23, 2017

Targhee National Forest

Last week we headed on out for another adventure.

This time we headed up to the Targhee National forest to camp for a few days before we ventured into Yellowstone.

The drive up was a short one that we extended with skate side ventures.

It is always nice to get out and stretch your legs.

On the way to the campground we took the scenic byway to check out Mesa Falls in Idaho.

It was really beautiful and the light rain just added to its beauty.

This was a great little side venture. They had nice boardwalks and a cozy visitors center as well.

Soooo much moss....I LOVE moss!

After enjoying the falls it was back  to the car to continue our trip.

Just a short trip down the road we had arrived at our campground.

Our site was right on the river and full of greenery.

Unfortunately it started to rain so there wouldn't be a campfire. Instead we walked along the river and called it a early night.

Pollen anyone???

Mossy rocks!

At first I thought this was animal fur on the reeds from afar, but then we realized they were "nests"

Relaxing river...

The next day we headed up the road to Macks Landing to rent a boat.

It was a great 3 hr paddle down the Henry Fork River.

Just beautiful, and the water was sooo clear.

It was also quite shallow in some sections at the start.

Both me and D had to get out and push the boat out of the shallows.

It was really easy on the feet, yet quite chilly as well.

After a while I wasn't sure if I was getting use to it or I was just numb and couldn't feel it anymore.

After our boating we decided to just relax the rest of the day.

We had a little visitor as well...SOOOOO cute

Later in the evening there was a presentation about bear safety and fire prevention with Smokey the Bear (my favorite)

We learned a lot of new stuff and I even scored some posters and vintage Woodsy the Owl pamphlets.

V made his first fire!

It doesn't look like much from here but it grew into a great fire, and he was super proud.

The rest of the night was spent along the river and relaxing.

Until the next adventure...

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