Friday, June 23, 2017


For the next leg of our trip we got to venture into Montana for a hot second and added another state to our list.

We have MUCH more to explore in Montana, but for this trip we headed on over to Yellowstone.

None of us had ever been so we were pretty excited.

There were springs all over the park. each one was so different and interesting.

The crows there were HUGE.

We spotted a mama grizzly with her two cubs frolicking.

One of the many museums at the park.

Seriously the crows were the size of small dogs.

In addition to springs there were many falls as well.

We also encountered some bison.

These two got up close and personal.

Then we spotted a whole herd as well, complete with babies just lounging around.

One of the prettiest but most stressful areas was the Prismatic Lakes.

They were beautiful and colorful, however the boardwalk was narrow and we came at the same time as a bunch of tour buses.

Needless to say with all the people, selfie sticks, and people just not paying attention you had to be on your "A" game to not be pushed off the walk and into the springs.

Because of this I didn't really enjoy them as much as I could have.

Then it was off to Old Faithful.

And a candy bar....I LOVE that everyplace in this region has huckleberries...seriously my favorite!

I have to say that we all agreed that while Yellowstone was beautiful, it was a one and done and not really our cup of tea.

If had the vibe of Disneyland (not our happy place) Very chaotic and stressful.

Although on the way out of the park (Lower Yellowstone) felt like you were in a whole other park....mellow and beautiful as well.

I am pretty sure it was because of the lack of "attractions"

It was our favorite part of the day.

Tiny falls.

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