Sunday, July 16, 2017

PNW in July

Usually we head to the PNW in the fall through Spring...we like the grey wet skies against the green, not to mention a whole lot less people is always a bonus.

However this year we headed on up in July.

We planed our trip around the Oregon Country Fair.

We were all really excited to go, however in hindsight, we should have just skipped it.

We were expecting a full on earthy hippie good time, with lots of amazing handmade stuff, good music and interesting people...we were thinking a huge Shakedown Street but in the forrest.

We were wrong.

Don't get me wrong the venue was amazing....tons of trees, waterways, bridges and alcoves. It really reminded me of the Sawdust Festival in Laguna.

We got there right when it opened and without the crowds it was nice. I was actually kicking myself for only buying one day tickets at that point.

I thought there was no way we could see the whole fair and take it all in etc.

But as the day progressed and more people came the vibe changed and we were all just wanting to power though and watch CRB at the end of the day.

I guess when they use the term "hippie" they are meaning it in the counter culture sense. Because even though you could see the 70's hippie roots it was over ran with the typical festival goers peacocking around just to be seen.

Seriously we felt like we were at a mash up of EDC, Mardi Gras, the Doo-Dah Parade and Coachella.

Certainly NOT what we were going for.

Even though it was not our cup of tea there were good things...the food was really good and reasonably priced, again the venue was beautiful, the music (small stages all around) had some really good acts...very folky and country.

Then there was the Community Action area. This is really what we thought the whole fair was going to be more like. (side note this was the least populated area)

One of my favorite areas was the plant displays.

As far as vendors we only bought one item.

There were a small handful really handcrafted items, but most stuff was just meh (shiny holographic spandex...really?)

I was hoping to find my poi balls, I thought of all places they would have them there...nope!

Like I had said we were really expecting a lot more handmade and unique. Most of the stuff was typical street fair type stuff and quite a few places we had seen at different events we had been to.

We were all pretty over the day by the time we got back to camp and just veged for the rest of the night.

The next day we headed out for a fresh new day...

First stop was the skatepark.

It was a beautiful day.

I finally got to check out Down to earth Eugene.

It was a great store and their collection of Fiestaware was amazing!

After hanging out in Eugene we made our way to Florence where we stayed at the Port of Siuslaw.

Our site was right on a little cliff that looked into the port and was perfect.

We spent ALOT of time on the beach.

Most of the trip I was barefoot...and loving it!

But then you see this on the beach and remember you need to pay attention.

Little crabby

The camp was walking distance to town, thats always a plus.

There a lot of seals hanging out and about, being cute.

Sunset didn't disappoint...and I got some sunbeam photos as well.

I just love what the salt air does to my hair.

We got to see the most beautiful full moon while were were there as well (these photos don't do it justice) But it was amazing to just sit back and watch.

The next morning we were blessed by the donut fairy...

We had actually stopped to buy some but they were cleared out aside from the one box that they just gave to us (I mean now they got to go home early, so win win)

Those came in handy since the drive to our next campground left us with many stops along the way.

So many beaches and finds...I feel like we really need an "adVANture van" so we could just stop wherever we like for extended periods of time.

This beach was great...we were the only ones there!

We stopped at skateparks along the way as well.

It is so fun seeing different parks and the local skaters.

This park has been in many a skate video and its crazy...but when you see the actual size and angles in person you just have so much respect for the skill level and balls these skaters have.

For reference...D is over 6 ft tall.

This particular park had an amazing surrounding area (that I need as a yard)

We stopped by Cape Kiwanda...

It was really busy, but pretty.

The big draw was the tide pools......I guess if thre was one thing I missed about California would be our frequent tide pool visits.

There were a lot of "bridges" along the cliffs as well to explore.

This little skatepark on the way to our next camp was HUGE....but though a large portion was new and well made there was still a few old janky pools too.

D found this little neighborhood one as about DIY

Our next location was Cape Lookout.

We will be back!

This campground was along the beach and really nice.

The selling point was the beach though. We walked for hours along the shore, taking photos and gathering treasures.

This tree had fallen from the cliff...

There were tons of water springs in the rock as well.

The colors and textures of the moss were just amazing...well I am a sucker for moss anyhow, but seriously it was amazing.

We could have walked for hours more along the shore, but the tide was coming in and the water was really too cold to be "swimming" back from the coves.

So we called it a night and hung by the fire.

Next stop...PORTLAND!

We really love Portland...the AirBnB that we stayed at had an AMAZING tub (boobs and knees all covered at the same time!) So I have to say that was quite a high point for me, especially after camping without a "proper" shower for longer then I like.

This base was located in a great central area so we got to just walk and ride the transit downtown.

We had to hit up Ben & Jerry's since my favorite flavor is a scoop shop exclusive and they shut down the SLC location (boooooo)

And Mc Menamin's Barley Mill Pub.

We always have a great meal there, low light, great music, and vibe...oh and did I mention it is full of Grateful Dead memorabilia.

We spent HOURS in Powell's as usual, as well as at Ground Kontrol Arcade.

You know where I was...PINBALL!

The boys had fun playing old school games.

2 player fighters are always a winner.

D was doing great and kept beating the machine....luck or skill???

They had taken up a new part of the building where they had huge "War Games" looking monitors that were pretty also had adverts for upcoming events etc.

The sadness when you are all out of quarters and you are just watching your dad play.

We drove out to the burbs for a skatepark that was a bust...lets just say this sign did not lie.

Happy Valley was truly BORING!

Last camp of the trip was at Eagle Creek.

The grounds were super pretty and a small loop, however even though you couldn't see the highway you could hear it rather well (the trains too)

But we had a great time there all the same.

The last leg of our journey brought us over into Washington.

We checked out some skate parks and some neighborhoods.

Then back over the river for the Hood River skate park.

This is my favorite and quite frankly is land goals for the future...I love how the park is within the trees, there are always squirrels and a stream you can skate over...perfect.

I do have to say that it is much cooler in the wet is usually REALY green, then I can collect my moss.

No moss this time.

Sadly our journey came to an end...even though it was great to be home we really do love the PNW and hopefully one day they will be both one in the same.

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