Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Evanston Roundhouse

Last weekend we headed out to Evanston for their annual train show at the roundhouse.

It is always a fun day.

A little road trip, trains, fun, and exploring.

There were lots of great sets this year...

Of course we loved the Lego trains.

There were new ones that we hadn't seen in the past as well.

D learned that there are "guidelines" if you are building to be in a show. Each section is by a different person, and some from other states as well. But with the guidelines they will all fit together and work with each other (within each scale)

On this one the tractor moved back and forth.

The builder was so proud of his creation, he even has a YouTube video of how he did it.

There were a lot of venders, with tons of stuff for sale...seriously to much to even scratch the surface on.

You really have to know what you are looking for.

I always love looking at the serving pieces for days gone by.

The quality...back when stuff was meant to be bought once and used.

Sadly they are well out of my budget...but it is always fun to look.

Great metal army men.

While D was looking and taking his time with the trains. V and myself headed on out to do some exploring.

This is one of our favorite parts of the show.

Sadly as they have been restoring the roundhouse there is less exploring to be had.

Most of the weeds have been cleared and that meant less bugs to see and hear.

It was still fun, but different...I wonder what it will be like next year.

For now we still got to have some fun in the abandoned parts.

Until next year...

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